• 0.1.0 (Schumann Resonance)

    Released: 29th Feb 2106.

    This day marks the first release of Snakeoil OS. It's based off the machine I'm running at the time, with a simple PHP web interface on top to ease people into the Ubuntu/Linux ecosystem. The timing for this release is no accident, it's February 29th, and the next Snakeoil birthday is always 4 years apart! With a quirky name of Snakeoil, the birthday has to be on the leap day. This release also marks the first time I have registered for a domain (snakeoil-os.net), as well as paying for my first virtual host. After 40 years, I've finally created something to put on "the cloud"!

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  • 0.1.2 (Ethernet)

    Released: 23rd March 2016.

    There is nothing much to this release, this is just a minor release that fixes some of the bugs from 'Schumann Resonance'.

    At the time I was thinking every release (even the minor versions) should have a Audiophile Snakeoil product. Seemed like a good idea then.

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