• Choose The ISO/IMG to Download

    Currently Snakeoil is released in the following flavors:

    • Intel 32 bit  (file name in the format of snakeoil-i686-x.x.x.iso)
    • Intel 64 bit (file name in the format of snakeoil-x86_64-x.x.x.iso)
    • Raspberry Pi 32 bit (filename in the format of snakeoil-armv7l-x.x.x).img

    The latest version is always stickied at the top of the ISO section. Simply download the ISO/IMG image that works best for your computer hardware.

    We advise you to upgrade to the latest point series after the installation. You can find the latest firmware here, and the latest version is always stickied. Unlike the ISO, because the firmware files are hosted on site, you'd need to register yourself in order to download the firmware.

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  • ISO: Create Boot Media

    The first step of using Snakeoil is to transfer the downloaded ISO image onto a bootable media. There are two ways to boot the Snakeoil image - via CD/DVD-ROM drive or a USB thumb drive.

    Try the USB method first as it is faster. But if that fails use the CD-ROM method instead as it has better compatibility across the board.

    For USB thumb drives we recommend capacity of at least 1 GB. The entire contents of the thumb drive will be erased so make sure you verify the contents of your thumb drive before starting the write process.

    Only graphical approaches of creating bootable media are discussed here.

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  • ISO: Preparing your computer

    You'd need to configure the BIOS of your computer appropriately to ensure Snakeoil to work. This section will describe the options needed to boot up the live media. For this configuration, you'd need to connect a monitor and keyboard to your media computer. The wordings and menu layout differs between BIOS, so you have to search through to find the right setting.

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  • ISO: Live CD

    Wikipedia dedicates an entire page describing what a Live CD is (Link). Have a quick read if you are not familiar what it is. In essence Live CD allows you to try the OS without actually installing it onto your computer.

    To start Snakeoil as live CD, simply insert the bootable media into the machine and power it up. You would be presented with the following menu:

    ISO: Live CD

    Just select the first option. If you wait around 5 seconds the first option will be selected anyway. In due time a non-destructive working version of Snakeoil will start running. If you have a monitor connected you will see the following welcome screen.

    ISO: Live CD

    Simply select the "Try Ubuntu" and be on your merry way. Refer to your DNS server (your wifi router for most people) for the machine's IP address. Or press "alt-F1" and see the IP address displayed on the console. e.g. in the example below, the IP address of the machine is

    ISO: Live CD

    From another computer that's connected to the same network as the machine running Snakeoil, start your favourite web browser, and type in  (or whatever number is shown). Notice the name just before the word login? If your router is configured properly that usually works too, so http://player would also work.

    Refer to the Configuration chapter for details on what the web pages do. Changes made in Live CD will be lost on reboot. It is recommended that you try Snakeoil in a live CD environment first before deciding whether to install it onto your machine. Snakeoil is not as feature rich as other CA distros out there and as such may not be suitable for your needs.

    While Live CD mode is not an ideal solution for evaluation (the graphical environment uses up a fair bit of system resources), the flexibility of "non-destructive" use far outweighs that disadvantage. You can boot this Live CD media on any machine you have to see if any machine sounds better or not without actually installing them.

    For more advanced users, the Advanced Topics chapter  includes a section on how to modify the USB media you just created and allow you to make and save changes. This feature enables you try Snakeoil on any CA audiophile you visit. 

    If your machine have loads of RAM, you can also try the option to load everything in RAM and see how it goes. This will take longer to boot up, but will be very responsive once everything is copied into RAM. 

  • ISO: Installing Snakeoil

    So you have tried Snakeoil in Live CD mode and now you decide to install it. Thank you!

    There are two ways to install Snakeoil onto your computer:

    • remotely (from another computer), or
    • locally (where you need to connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor). Note fancy mouse that requires special drivers will not work with Snakeoil. Just use a "normal" PC mouse with no fancy buttons

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