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A Breath of Fresh Air

OK ... Gear-Isolation.... here's my take so far:

   I am a brand new user.  I've been using LMS for years, first with Vortexbox.  VB worked great but it lacked some fine details that led me to DAPHILE.  DAPHILE has been great to me for at least the last 5 or 6 years. It has the ability to tweak various aspects of the kernel and the audio outs, specifically with DSF files.

I've struggled for a couple of years with some major networking bugs in Daphile, that could have easily been fixed if there was access to the system or at the very least some sort of community forum to work out issues.  I had reached a point about 3 weeks ago where I was going to simply wipe my daphile machine, install a vanilla OS and install LMS.  an Figure out the rest of my needs from there.

I have always wanted the ability to test out MPD and various other music players/severs so my plan would give me that option.   Of course alone to try and sort out how to get everything working correctly.

Along comes SNAKEOIL.  I had run into this website a few years ago and honestly forgot about it.  I ran into it about 3 weeks ago and was VERY excited to see it active and literally solving all my problems and needs and wants. 

I've spent the last couple of days trying to get Gear-Isolation working correctly,  turns out I had made a couple of big mistakes setting up the server before I even ran the SnakeOil install script.   After a lot of back and forth and frustration, the "powers-that-be" here got me steering in the right direction.  I rebuilt the server today and set up Snake-Oil.   It's now working BEYOND my hopes.   There is so much great stuff in here to play with.  I haven't even scratched the surface of tweaks and stuff.  

I've got this built on my test machine so while its currently running all the players in my house,  it's not on my better machine, which is still running DAPHILE. This week I'll rebuild my daphile server with snake oil and start messing with my DAC

Hands down this is the best solution for me.  

Thanks so much to the team here.  This is a brilliant system.  I sense that Gear Isolation is a big improvement, but for me, it's the only one I really know ....  AWESOME!!


New Jersey, US
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