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Add Monkey's Audio (APE) support for LMS

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Install this module to enable Monkey's Audio APE support:

.fw   Monkey-Audio-1.0-amd64.fw (Size: 4.29 KB / Downloads: 15)

  • This module is only required if you installed with Snakeoil 0.1.4 ISO or lower. Snakeoil 0.1.5 ISO already has Monkey Audio (APE) built in
  • Your Snakeoil machine must be connected to the Internet for this module install to complete
  • Please be patient when installing this module as the time taken for this firmware to install will depend on your Internet speed.
  • This file is really platform independent, so if you want to install APE on 32 bit Snakeoil, just rename the filename to Monkey-Audio-1.0-i686.fw and it should work.
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