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Automatic Ripping Machine

Hi Folks, 

I had built one of these a couple years ago and ripped the majority of my DVD's to video files that live on my server.  I saw that they had done quite a bit of upgrading to make a very nice and fiendly web interface.

I'd love to marry this setup to my snake oil server.

As it stands,  I use this for ripping DVD's and then send them over to my video server.  It uses ABCDE, which if i remember, some folks have an issue with. 

My concern with just simply installing it,  is that I don't want to hurt anything with the snakeoil web interface.  Seems the one on the A.R.M.  uses mostly python based web apps pointing out to an open port.

I'd love to get all my MEDIA stuff under one roof and this project falls well into the realm of the great stuff happening with SnakeOil 

SnakeOil, first and foremost, is for music.  Given Agent Kith's limited bandwidth, I would prefer the focus remain on music only.

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