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EvachDiretta protocol
Hi Agent Kith,

I am used to install SnakeoilOS since years and really enjoy your distribution! 
Since weeks, i try a very interesting protocol of communication. It's called Diretta and comes from japan, here is the website:

it is a "Host-Target" architecture : 
1) A PC Host is connected to internet with a classic IPv4/IPv6 connection, it manage files and metadata like roon, LMS, audivarna,... and a simple/small diretta driver directs the music to an another ethernet ipv6 interface dedicated to this diretta stream
2) A target (hardware or OS module sells by Diretta) recieved this stream without any interruption and at very low level of noise: 
"The Host operates in synchronization with the Target to average processing by the Target. Packets are transmitted as often as possible at constant short intervals in order to average processing.The transmission is controlled by forecasting Target buffers.
In this way, fluctuations in power consumption of a player as the Target is averaged as much as possible."

Frankly speaking, results are really amazing in terms of natural and SQ, on my setup and compare to my source, the improvement is huge!

They propose trial version of their target (for optimized PC or rPI4):
And drivers "Host" for windows and rpi are free:

But since few weeks, they also freely propose linux drivers, easy to obtain by this page: (just put a name and email)
and a simple guideline given by a french audiophile:

Now, there is only two linux audiophile's distribution who implement these drivers: gentooplayer and audiolinux, but none of them offer the quality of yours in my point of view (interface, useability and support)

If you have the time and curiosity to try or implement this, it could be a nice step forward for your visibility.

Have a good day! Didier
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  • hkphantomgtr

Hi, there's in my list of todo... Been really busy with my current job and hardly have any time to put down on Snakeoil.. Hopefully I will have some time to look into this matter in the coming weekend.. No real promises, but will try.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!

Ok no problem, the nice thing is to obtain a new alsa output available for all the player/server choosen in snakeoilOS. With my windows server 2022 and ASIO driver, the result is nice and very stable, so it would be just a cherry on the cake for me ;-)

Have an excellent day!


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