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Experimenting with network topology and throughput.

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So I was always running Untangle (and pfSense) directly on the Celeron hardware. About two months ago I decided to virtualise and run the firewall in a hypervisor instead. In other words, I am going to run Untangle in a virtual machine...

The reasons for this is it'll be easier for me to manage the firewall, backup the image and so on. Also, because I am now running in a VM, network setup is simplied - I only need to connect all the network cables from the switch into the Celeron without really needing to follow the others i.e. All I need is to connect 6 network cables from the switch to the Celeron, the order of connection to the Celeron does not matter - this is because I am running LACP.

Things are running real good. And I'm now running two VMs on the Celeron, the first is the firewall, the second is a reverse proxy server. Ultimate bandwidth is compromised. This cannot be helped I guess because of the extra layer of stuffs.
PHP Code:
IDInterval       Transfer     Bandwidth
[  3]  0.0-10.0 sec  1.08 GBytes   930 Mbits/sec 

So it's time for a change. I have decided to pull the trigger and go full Unifi... First up will be the Unifi Dream Machine Pro. This is a 1U router.
[Image: UDM-PRO-back.png]

In truth the hardware of this is far inferior to the Celeron, so it's a unknown how this will fare. Another big question is how well will this router deal with routing Jumbo VLANs vs non Jumbo VLANs. I will also upgrade my 48 port Unifi to the newer Gen2 model at a future date.

So stay tuned. For a quick review writeup of these two network equipment, and how to set them up for audiophile listening.
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(01-Jun-2020, 03:34 PM) agent_kith Wrote: First up will be the Unifi Dream Machine Pro. This is a 1U router.

I ordered this switch on the 29th of May. The listing says it will take more than a month to get here (NSW to WA), fair enough. I'm happy to wait, COVID-19 lock down and all.

The router was delivered yesterday! I don't recall thing shipped this quickly before for an item with free postage. Interstate overnights are fairly expensive in this country. So kudos to the e-bay seller.

Didn't had time to look at this yesterday, and no time today. So earliest I can do an unboxing will be tomorrow.
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Whilst not in such a rarefied networking environment as yours... Wink   your posts have caused me to unearth the last yard-sale find that was shelved pre-lockdown.

An as new Netgear GS116Ev2 switch to hang on my Billion  Bipac 7800NXL  (which, alas, had run out of ports).  Seems it does your desired 'Jumbo Frames' whatever they are Big Grin and is a managed switch so I look forward to trying it...
Any pointers appreciated Smile

Also found a pair of Fritzbox 7490 modem/routers... not sure if these are a step up from the Billion or not... no SNR Margin tweak :-(

(Rural backwater so only ADSL+2 here but we have a major and only industrial user nearby so throughput is damned good for  type..:-) as they seem to have a cabinet especially to supply them and after-hours it is ALL MINE !! lol  )

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Let me know what problems you have, and I'll try and help you sort it out. :)
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