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Maintenance update - v0.1.5c (Power Cable)

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Fixed in this release are the NAA auto startup and also uninstall in the snakeoil tab. Note that Snakeoil OS at the moment is still on the 12.04 branch, meaning you have to download the Xenial edition of NAA. The next ISO release will be based on 16.04, but that is still a while away. Tested on 64 bit platform - automatic installation (via the Snakeoil Tab) is now verified to be working, and the networkaudio device is verified to be started. Hopefully NAA will finally play nice now Undecided.

Hopefully this is the last small update to the 0.1.5 series. Work on the next evolution of Snakeoil OS has already begun, abeilt at a very snail pace.


.fw   snakeoil-0.1.5c-i686.fw (Size: 27.95 MB / Downloads: 18) (md5: b498f8d3bee066900df1de4404e31ebf)
.fw   snakeoil-0.1.5c-amd64.fw (Size: 29.42 MB / Downloads: 54) (md5: c3a1f0f2aa4f3617b8f295a31d698425)

CHANGELOG (Since 0.1.5b) 
  1. 0000060[players] Fix NAA issues: Cannot start and uninstall not working
Yeah I know MD5 is not secure at all in this day and age. Old habits are hard to crack. And speaking of - this one is funny. [Image: pff2.gif]
[Image: md5_vs_sha1.jpg]
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