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Monitor to display squeezeplyer
This is silly, I feel like it is at least and the answer is something obvious. 

If I'm running snale oil - headless with LMS and squeezeplayer.  Is there a way to output the track information (artist title, artwork.)  to a small HDMI monitor?

I know there is a way with pi-core player.   Is this an LMS thing or a linux thing?  


(14-Sep-2021, 05:43 AM)Coacharnold Wrote: If I'm running snale oil - headless with LMS and squeezeplayer.  Is there a way to output the track information (artist title, artwork.)  to a small HDMI monitor?
There is no output to display this information, although we can easily write a simple program to do so. To display this to a HDMI monitor will involve:
1. Running the app graphically (X or Wayland), this consumes additional resources, which could otherwise be left idle (or for music playback
2. If we run the app in console (text), it will increase the latency of the computer.

There is just no benefits to do this, hence why this wasn't implemented.

However, I can access my Snakeoil PC wirelessly over Wifi. And I use a tablet/mobile device and connect wirelessly to the LMS, and from there display artist, title and artwork. This is the best solution overall IMO as it incurs very little load on the computer. (My wireless network is actually on a different network, overall I don't think this makes any audio difference but since I set it up this way, I have never changed it).

Also disabled my text console to improve latency.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
(14-Sep-2021, 08:32 AM)agent_kith Wrote: Also disabled my text console to improve latency.

really wow ... does this actually do anything in terms of audio ????
(15-Sep-2021, 04:43 AM)Coacharnold Wrote: really wow ... does this actually do anything in terms of audio ????
Objectively, it improves latency. Subjectively yes. Not as big a difference as cpuset, but it does help. Note this tweak is only applicable to 1.1.x and before though.

1.2.0 don't have this tweak yet (Because no RT kernel as yet, and I didn't disable all TTYs). Being based off a newer Ubuntu distro, this tweak may or may not be applicable. Only time will tell when I finally get off my lazy arse and get this RT thing happening.

To be honest RT kernel, cpuset and process priority jigging is probably the 3 biggest things for folks to get their systems going. Those 3 are the macro stuffs. Everything else are micro - (things like enable/disable TTY, samba, SSH etc, kernel rolling) is meant for people to try and tune their system. This is more art than science, and kindda why I call this project Snakeoil. Tongue

Listen to your heart, not your mind. If you feel more emotionally connected to the music, then it's a keeper. For me it's better to judge systems in terms of emotion, not in terms of audio. I do not analyse the music I am hearing, rather, I am analysing the emotions I'm feeling. Things like:
  1. Do I feel my breath taken away?
  2. How real does that vocal/instrument sound in front of me?
  3. With my eyes open, how convinced am I that this person or instrument is actually at this point in the sound stage
  4. Check your heartbeat. Is it faster/slower/unchanged?
BTW, this is easier said than done. Your body builds immunity against this sort of thing. If you get high on a music once, it gets progressively harder and harder to get that same high again.

I've spent decades listening to music by breaking it down into bass/treble/mid-range. It took me months (if not years) to "unlearn" all that and re-train my brains how to listen to music.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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