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My experience with Gear isolation 1.2.1

First of all thanks to agent Kith to release this fantastic streaming system called Snakeoil. OS

This is from far the most powerful and versatile one and the sound quality is just amazing...I think even better with the Gear Isolation version.

I must say this new versin was very difficult to put in place, but now all players are fully efficient.

No problem to setup LMS but MPD and upmpdcli were absolutely not working (when they were fully efficient with the former version 1.1):

MPD was unable to connect due to socket issues 

I was also unable to use correctly Mconnect with upmpdcli

The problem is coming of the non existing socket file in /run/mpd : mpd is unable to connect...

The solution using SSH : 

sudo apt install mpd

then replace the mpd.conf in /etc by the one that is located in /var/www/scratch

Dont forget to change the rights of directories and files with chmod.

The job is done : upmpdcli , mpd are fully efficient !!!!

Hoping this should work for you, too.
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Welcome to the forum, and thank you for posting your experience. 

Can you please provide more details of what hardware & software you were using and more details of the issues you had. SnakeOil should not require someone with your level of Linux skills to install and run.  With your help, Agent Kith can then resolve the issues.
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(13-Sep-2021, 06:42 PM)ea59 Wrote: This is from far the most powerful and versatile one and the sound quality is just amazing...I think even better with the Gear Isolation version.
Yeah, the underlying system has undergone a huge change moving from 1.1.0 in 1.2.0. There are still some kinks I've yet to work out. Once I can get the whole thing to build again things will only get better.

1.2.0 is really just the base Ubuntu with custom software piled on top. The OS itself is not fully optimised yet (no RT kernel, no additional tweaks). Hopefully future updates will implement all those optimisations, and it will improve the audio bit by bit to bring out more details, more clarity, and more life.

Come to think of it, I hope I do remember all the optimisations made back on the Ubuntu 16.04 series. Sad It really has been a while, and I hope I can remember all of them. Regardless, I will start with the RT kernel first, and the aim is to build a system where folks can experiment with different kernel versions to find the one. It took me 6 months to a year to find this, and honestly I don't have that kind of time to do this any more. Opening up this to the public, to crowd source a good kernel hopefully can cut down this time significantly. Trying not to hype this too much as it's still months away, but I can't help but feel excited by the potential of this.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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I use a motherboard Asrock QC5000-ITX/PH AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics and a SSD hard drive 128 Go.

I have a second  USB hard drive 1 To that contains my music 

I followed all steps described in the Wiki for the Gear Isolation Installation 

My DAC is the SMSL SU-9 that can decode MQA, I have a Tidal Account

I use Tidal with the Mconnect application on tablet (this allow to play Master files (mqa))

Tidal was not able to work initially with upmpdcli I got "wrong file location error" with the initial installation

I like Snakeoil because you can switch from LMS to MPD to HQplayer etc...

The only client that doesn't work is bubbleupnp : the password generate an error I don't know why

Voila, hope this can help
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