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NO /boot/config.txt

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Trying to get digital output to function on my add on card with the pi3b
Card is not shown as an ALSA output device.
I'm running Snakeoil on a pi3b. Snakeoil ALSA choices I have are
bcm2835 ALSA
bcm2835 IEC958/HDMI
which I believe are from the pi3 itself not my add on card.
The card uses the standard CM5122 driver and needs to be configured to the Hifiberry DAC+ setting.
I've made it into the terminal and read on the forums how to change settings in /boot/config.txt
Problem is I am unable to get that text to display to make changes.
Thanks for any help from a newbie.
[Image: Screenshot-2.png]
OK I got in by using
sudo nano /boot/config.txt

looking for an overlay for my card
I thought there was a readme in /boot/config.txt that had the overlays available listed....?

However, RPI overlays are listed here....

For your requested Hifiberry DAC+
add  a new line to /boot/config.txt (copy and paste below)

save ('ctrl+o' to writeout the changes.  'Enter' to accept the change, and 'ctrl+x' to close the terminal) then reboot and it should work.
This gives me an idea. :) I'm going to add this as an experimental feature for U7 - add ability to modify /boot/config.txt.
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