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New member, my setup

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Hi all, I just came across Snakeoil OS the other day, got it installed yesterday. Really like it so far. So much so that I've become a patreon - I'm not currently working, so am very thankful for the $tier. When I am working again I will definitely be donating more via Paypal.

Now, my setup. It's not highend at all. It was built on budget. Setup was to have music in both the Dining/living room (theatre room/loungeroom is already sorted) and the BBQ area outside. 

Got a Yamaha HTR-6030 hometheatre receiver with 5 satellites and sub from Cash Converters a couple of years ago - still has the remote even! Overpaid at the time, as I've since been able to get decent Pioneer receivers from Gumtree for reasonable money. 
The Satellites and Sub are for the inside. Not the greatest, but it's fine.

At the same time got a pair of outdoor speakers from Jaycar for around $100 - these ones specifically -
They've always sound pretty good, and mounted on the ceiling, angled to point to where I sit, the soundstage has been nice and stereo separation pretty good.

Got an Acer Aspire X3900 PC with no RAM or HDD from Gumtree recently for $15, absolute bargain.  Have added a 1TB drive and 14GB RAM. Running Snakeoil from this.
The computer is hooked up to the receiver via TOSLINK/Optical.

First track I played after getting Snakeoil setup was the HiRes digital download version of Chocolate Drip Trip from Tool's new album - this has really good left to right stuff going on. First reaction, HOLY HELL!!! It sounded like I had another speaker on each side of me! 

I spent most of yesterday just listening to stuff. My budget setup has really come to life! Everything is just more distinct and spacious. 

I know this is a showcase section, not a testimonial section, so I'll get some pictures of the setup and post them up. 

Also, agent_kith - I noticed there were posts about Perth - Perth Australia? That's where I live!
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