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Hi all, newbie here so please forgive me if i ask stupid or common questions that maybe found elsewhere in this forum, I get a bit excited at times and don't like reading hundreds of pages to find what I'm looking for.... just need the facts!

Anyway, I have a dedicated audio PC that is currently setup with JRiver and AudioOptimise but I've been reading really good thins about SnakeOil so thinking I should give it a go. I didn't build this PC but I know the basic's pf building a machine. This has a SSD for the OS and separate HDD for the music, SoTm USB card.

My thoughts are to get another SSD for this new OS so I can leave the AO drive setup so I can swap if required.

So, what do I need? Whats the first step (apart from putting in a blank SSD). 

Appreciate any help, as I say - know a little and the saying is that can be dangerous......

Cheers Dave
(06-Apr-2020, 06:07 AM)nzlowie Wrote: So, what do I need? Whats the first step (apart from putting in a blank SSD). 
Just some things of note:
1. Do you know the what network is used in your PC? Ideally it will be one of the supported ones. This can be more flexible in the future but I havn't got that second system running yet
2. If your system is EFI, make sure your PC is configured properly for CSM mode (Basically allow you to boot up from a unsigned device)

That's about it I guess. You can just boot Snakeoil on a USB stick and try it out as is.

Good luck.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!


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