Problem running MPD with 1.2.9 firmware

I recently updated my SnakeOil machine from 1.2.1 firmware to 1.2.9.

I'm still using Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS with 4.4.9-rt17-snakeoil-x64 kernel, because this is the combination I like best because of sound quality.

Under 1.2.9 firmware I can't get MPD to work.

Here is the log I get after clicking on the "Eye" icon:

**** 2023-03-07T16:50:43
**** MPD (0.23.5)

Start Player: cd /var/www;_NAME="MPD USB Audio" _OUTPUT="hw:0,0" _FORMAT="pcm" _OPTIONS=""  /var/www/players/mpd-v23/init /var/www/players/mpd-v23 2>&1;/var/www/players/mpd-v23/start /var/www/players/mpd-v23 2>&1;
/var/www/players/mpd-v23/start: line 6:  4330 Segmentation fault      "$1/${PROGRAM_FILE}" "$CONFIG_FILE" --stderr 2>&1

Here is the screenshot of my settings:

[Image: Screen-Shot-2023-03-07-at-4-52-45-PM.jpg]

USB Audio status is "Closed" and have the red cross mark under Software Status.

Also, when I click to the "Remote" icon to access MyMPD it is not working, I only get this message in my browser window:

Unable to connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

I also tried to install the older version, but again I got the same "segmentation" fault:

**** 2023-03-07T17:05:57
**** MPD (0.21.25)

Start Player: cd /var/www;_NAME="MPD 0.21.25" _OUTPUT="hw:0,0" _FORMAT="pcm" _OPTIONS=""  /var/www/players/mpd-v21/init /var/www/players/mpd-v21 2>&1;/var/www/players/mpd-v21/start /var/www/players/mpd-v21 2>&1;
/var/www/players/mpd-v21/start: line 6:  5432 Segmentation fault      "$1/${PROGRAM_FILE}" "$CONFIG_FILE" --stderr 2>&1

I have downgraded the 1.2.9 firmware to my old trusty 1.2.1, and MPD is working again.

The only problem is that I can't get MyMPD to update the music library - I can leave it scanning for hours without any result.

The only way to rescan it is to use some external android app like MPDroid.

Can MyMPD be fixed in that regard?

(08-Mar-2023, 12:16 AM)koko6969koki Wrote: I'm still using Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS with 4.4.9-rt17-snakeoil-x64 kernel, because this is the combination I like best because of sound quality.
That's the problem.

You'll need to update to a newer version of Ubuntu. Unfortunately I simply don't have the resources to support Snakeoil across multiple LTS version any more.
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