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Quite a fight with Aurlaic ark mx+

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Today I tried a very powerfull desktop computer I have, i7 1000 cores Tongue
You know what! It was even worse than my laptop regarding the popping issue.

Yesterday I used almost all sunday tweaking windows. Turning off all kind of stuff that can make interference. First software I played around with was Foobar 2000 with ASIO drivers (bit perfect).
It is not bad. Great dynamics. The soundstage and pin point is not as snakeoil. It is also like it is 2 layers of extra noise. What is little strange, is that the midrange sound colored. It is to warm. Instruments don't sound quite right. It was cool with some bad, bright recordings that I have. I had to go into the thinking box again.

I can tell you right away, it's been solved. There is a player for windows called Hysolid. It sounds amazing. Very easy to install. Very nice interface. My impression is that the sound is on par with Snakeoil.  This is little out of the wild but here it comes.

Sound is as transparent.
Maybe with snakeoil there is a tad better dynamics.
With my DAC, setup I get a tad better, more natural bass from Hysolid.

Snakeoil is realy nice. I will for sure follow the project and if I some day buy a new DAC or when there is another update I will try it out. Keep on the great work!
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