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Raspberry Pi 4 looks interesting.
Raspberry Pi 4 now has 8 GB system (Requires 64 bit OS).

This will be the no brainer Pi to get, as it means you get the ability to use part of that RAM as a RAM disk...
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
Enough that even Snakeoil o/s could be run from ram ... Cool Wink
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Tried installing Snakeoil on a Raspberry Pi 4. No luck. Could you please direct me to the correct ISO that I should use?

(13-Nov-2020, 01:34 PM)JD1 Wrote: Tried installing Snakeoil on a Raspberry Pi 4. No luck. Could you please direct me to the correct ISO that I should use?

Wow Doc, long time no see! How u doing?!

Image here:

That's still a work in progress though.

End of Friday next week, I'll start working on new edition of Snakeoil where the software package will come in a form of an installer. So you just install the official Pi image, then run the installer, and bang!
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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Been doing well thanks AK. Bought a Telos Enchanting Music Player early this year. It's a Pi4 in a chassis with an amazing power supply. It came loaded with Volumio so I've been using that since. Thought I'd try it with Snakeoil. 

So I was using the correct ISO and did get it working after several restarts. The only issue is that LMS is not working on it. I see a PID running but "remote control" is N/A, :9000 doesn't get me there and nothing on iPeng.  Squeezelite and MPD work fine.

Any ideas? Not sure how to uninstall/install LMS.

Tried to fix an exFAT problem and LMS started working. Typical  Smile
Went out and get more Raspberry Pi 4Bs. One of them the 8GB edition, this 8GB is going to be my primary Raspberry Pi 4 Snakeoil Pi. I did say I will not buy any new SSD until I run out of my exisitng old used stock. But to be honest I have no idea they are so cheap now ($85 or something), and the old SSD I was using is the first generation and that actually felt sluggish for some reason.
[Image: Silicon.jpg]

The other? Well it's going to be something interesting. For a remote KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) via the PiKVM project. Yes I run my Snakeoil machines headless, but sometimes it's convenient to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the machine to do things like re-install and what not. Especially with the way Snakeoil is being installed now.

To make things consistent, and because I am using the 8GB version, I am probably going to also try and build some 64 binaries for Arm (ARMv8). Depending on how things goes, there might be 2 Pi builds, or just one (Meaning Snakeoil will only run on Pi 3 and above).

Small SoC computers like this may be the way of the future, as they are getting better and better. Feed them a good quality power supply and it may well be the best player on earth. For about AUD$150!! (As long as the chips don't run out). Note while the wheels are already in motion, my focus is still on finishing the GUI revamp so don't expect this any time soon.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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