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Snakeoil 1.x.x - 4.14.12-rt10 Series

The Linux 4.14.12-rt10 branch. Havn't really used this much so the sound quality is unverified. However, this series will support newer hardware.

Support for USB network dongles Realtek (8150/8152) and LAN78XX. This kernel should support the newer Realtek revisions.
.bz2   vmlinuz-4.14.12-rt10-i686-usbnet-20190417.tar.bz2 (Size: 3.89 MB / Downloads: 8)
(SHA1: 52e493f165f48cf69a7a24665ba40c33e613b073)
.bz2   vmlinuz-4.14.12-rt10-amd64-usbnet-20190417.tar.bz2 (Size: 4.11 MB / Downloads: 27)
(SHA1: 356c723b8a453eb2486f4c20a122c98d4bd6f187)
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!

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