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Snakeoil Firmware - 1.0.7 (Golden Ears Update 7)

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v1.0.7 fixed some long issues raised by users recently. Hopefully some of you guys can try out Spotify and see if it works easier now.

As mentioned previously, my youtube channel need 100 subscribers (98 more to go Cry ) so I can get a custom YouTube URL, and also 10,000 video views (about 6000 more to go). Do what you can, thanks.

Change Log
  • 0000173: [web-app] Fix bad Client175 URL when Snakeoil OS has active IPv6 address
  • 0000174: [players] Fix missing curl when trying to install RoonBridge
  • 0000175: [players] Move Spotify as a Install feature rather than a module
  • 0000177: [web-app] Fixed problem where USB reset command is not sent to the REST server

.fw   snakeoil-1.0.7-i686.fw (Size: 20.43 MB / Downloads: 20)
(SHA1SUM: a21d7eb6d6656713c8cdd3c9d33707c426810612)
.fw   snakeoil-1.0.7-x86_64.fw (Size: 20.46 MB / Downloads: 86)
(SHA1SUM: 10d1c34062ba6e272563a2075098101a66fd7b94)
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Didn't realise Spotify also released a 32 bit client. So have updated the i686 edition (still 1.0.7) to also include Spotify. Thanks to @junglejim for testing and verification.
[Image: good_job.gif]

If you are using i686 edition and want to try Spotify, please re-download 1.0.7 firmware and re-install this firmware.
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