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Snakeoil Firmware - 1.1.0 Beta 1

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Blind Testing is feature complete! And here's the first Beta!

Yes, I did cheat by pushing the the Web Remote into the next major release, but in my defence a lot of work has already went into this release (Check out the feature list) Big Grin .

Compared to the current release (Golden Ears), the Blind Testing firmware is now both smaller in size and quicker to execute. More importantly, it sounds better!
[Image: angel1.gif][Image: angel1.gif][Image: angel1.gif][Image: angel1.gif]
I will put up a blog explaining the technical new features on release day. I have to finish the documentation first, and start porting Snakeoil OS to the ARMv7 architecture (e.g. RPi 3B). But that's just me. For you guys - please enjoy this beta.

Please report any bugs here. As you can see from the previous paragraph, I still have a lot on my plate so I cannot devote as much time as I would like on testing this. The more bugs you guys can find and identify, the better it will be for everybody.


.fw   snakeoil- (Size: 13.33 MB / Downloads: 5) (SHA1: b665043b1a8e0b4f05e9f13a1d3617ef1b278a45)

.fw   snakeoil- (Size: 13.56 MB / Downloads: 24) (SHA1: 0a4aa1f92975c89ae4b2b402b73c4ea6f1f44414)

The Snakeoil Squad Needs Your Help
Firstly, it's still the usual, promote Snakeoil as much as you can. Invite your friends over to your house and let them listen to music played off the Snakeoil OS computer. Help them out by installing Snakeoil OS on their media servers. Basically let as many people know about Snakeoil as you can. Show them the official Snakeoil website. If you have Facebook, like and follow the Snakeoil Snakeoil FB page. Comment, like and share the posts. Invite your friends to like/follow the page. Basically convince all your audiophile friends to try out Snakeoil OS. Same with the Google+ page.

Secondly, if you are wondering what that orange button on the right (and below) is, it's Patreon. Here's a video describing the idea behind Patreon.

If you like the Snakeoil project, you can become our Patron for just $1 a month. To become a patron, click the icon below:
[Image: patreon_sm.png]

I have just finished coding up the Patreon notifications. If you become a Patron from today you should get 2 emails. One is an email from Patron, the second will be your unique activation code. Please let me know if you only get 1 email.

Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
Hi guys.. Any problems with this beta so far? Any problems to report? Please post here if you do. thanks.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
(29-May-2018, 06:16 PM) agent_kith Wrote: Hi guys.. Any problems with this beta so far? Any problems to report? Please post here if you do. thanks.

Not a single problem and I've done a lot of changing of the settings.  Thumbs Up
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SnakeoilOS Mission

Our mission is to create a free to use computer OS that is easy to install, intuitive to operate and play music that will connect and engage with you emotionally.

SnakeoilOS gives you the freedom to spend more time on listening, enjoying and exploring music. Wasting time on computers is now a thing of the past! Everything is constantly evolving/improving. Please check back often for updates.

If you like this project, do show your support with a small token donation. All donations collected will be used to run this website, and for purchasing new equipment for the project.

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