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Snakeoil Firmware - 1.1.4 (Blind Testing Update 4)

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(07-May-2019, 11:40 PM) Dmitry Novikov Wrote: That was me. Will wait for U5! 

Appreciate your patience. Smile Have to again apologise to you, and others who reported problems. Most times I appear to be very dismissive and rude. There really is no excuse for that behaviour.

Trust that even when I am being dimissive, I still have your problems/reports hanging at the back of my head, and will get to it eventually. This is a one man show and while I strive to provide for the best code and support, ultimately a person can only do so much... <- Not an excuse! Angel

There is only one outstanding issue in U5, and that is to add a crude interface for user to input Tidal and Qobuz settings in MPD 0.21.x. Once that is done U5 will be released. Coming in U6 I will attempt to revamp the players user interface to make it more flexible than it is now.

Until then, happy tweaking, and happy listening. Smile
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