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Snakeoil Firmware - 1.2.0 (Gear Isolation)
(19-Sep-2021, 07:16 PM)realysm42 Wrote: Any help massively appreciated here.
Hi Martin,

Can you SSH into your machine, and run this command, then restart, and see if things are working better then?
sudo apt purge -y pulseaudio

Basically the custom Snakeoil ALSA libs do not support pulse audio. And it seems somehow pulseaudio is still installed on some systems (prob from some other packages depended on this). Let me know if the above command removes pulseaudio cleanly, and if your JRIver will work after.

I will upload a new module with JRiver 28 support later today, if not tomorrow.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
How get new version for this platform ?
[Image: Screenshot-2021-09-22-at-11-31-55-Snakeoil-OS.png]
(22-Sep-2021, 05:37 PM)[email protected] Wrote: How get new version for this platform ?
[Image: Screenshot-2021-09-22-at-11-31-55-Snakeoil-OS.png]

Welcome to the forum...

Please look at this post, as well as Wiki to install new version
thanks for forum welcome ,
some install problem line 431: /tmp/snakeoil-rest: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
(22-Sep-2021, 08:03 PM)[email protected] Wrote: thanks for forum welcome ,
some install problem line 431: /tmp/snakeoil-rest: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
Hi Z,
  1. Good idea to go to the User CP (somewhere on the top left) and change your user name to something other than your email address. This way scalpers (bots) on the Internet will not be able to gleam your emails off a public accessible website like here. Unless of course this email address is your worst enemy, then leave it as so Cool.
  2. What machine are you running this on? Raspberry Pi? If yes you need to download the other installer. I should really add a simple check to detect the CPU architecture (Created a ticket to track this).
  3. If you are running 32 bit Ubuntu unfortunately 1.1.x is as far as Snakeoil can go. This is because Debian (of which Ubuntu is based on) has dropped 32 bit support. Unfortunately it is impractical for me to support 32 bit AMD/Intel architecture due to time constraints.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
Quote:Unless of course this email address is your worst enemy, then leave it as so Cool.

Brilliant !! 
You have taught me how to snatch the pebble,........ Thanks
Impressions from a different USB port than used previously
Any successful experiments in the snakeoil tab? I think I prefer it stock w/RAM load. If I want more instrument separation and soundstage detail then I enter squeezelite into the process priority, but I lose the amazing bass of the stock setup. Cpuset cleans up the sound even more, but it kills the bass response. I had an amazing holographic soundstage (speakers disappeared) using blind listening, but it was a little too engaging and fatiguing at times. I am trying to keep the bass response and effortless sound of stock gear isolation while increasing the soundstage. Also, the stock gear isolation is extremely enjoyable with headphones. I still haven't compared Mconnect and LMS, after switching with this fw upgdrade.

snakeoil/ubuntu 20.04.3>schiit yggdrasil A1/unison>schiit ragnarok 2> Elac adante standmounts/sub
                                                            > Sennheiser hd800/ Hifiman HE6se

Update: I realized I used a different USB port for this install. I switched back to the old one and there was definitely a difference. The highs came back. I should have stuck with Blind Listening. I was happy. This can of audio nervosa is too much lol. Take my impressions with a grain of salt. They keep changing. 

Update 2: The new fw required me to move the speakers further from wall due to the improved bass response. In doing so, I regained the spooky soundstage I was seeking. I am still using stock gear isolation w/ RAM load. I'm satisfied enough to get back to enjoying the music. I think the differences between LMS and MPD that Agent Kith mentioned are what I need to compare. I think my adjustments are me chasing the previous sound instead of accepting LMS is a different sound. 

Update 3: Note to self. Experiment with kernel options before making a post. I switched to acpi=noirq and the stock kernel is now unlistenable. Find the best sounding kernel before tweaks. 
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