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agent_kithSnakeoil Firmware - 1.2.4 (Gear Isolation U4)
In case you guys are unaware - the Snakeoil OS (WebApp + Rest API) is now open source in a single repository, and this is the first release generated from this new repository. The major changes are all under the hood really, changing the C++ build system from Makefile to CMake, and so on.

The headline act however, is the introduction of a new version of MPD - 0.23.5. This is the first time a 0.23 series is introduced, please let me know how this goes.

Known Issues
Watch this space.

Download Link
.fw   snakeoil-armv7l-1.2.4.fw (Size: 52.46 MB / Downloads: 38)
(SHA1: 6a838dccda458eb6e7b012d6ed99de9e4919a955)
.fw   snakeoil-x86_64-1.2.4.fw (Size: 55.39 MB / Downloads: 126)
(SHA1: 1a97694390f85dd9e868b8c118d32f6415747e4f)

Change Log
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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Update done with no issues.

​​​​​​Prefer Mpd 0.22.9 to 0.23.5, far more musical.
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First, warm thank fo you your work which has been making my speakers sing for a while now.

Update made with this issue:
[Image: Capture-d-cran-2022-03-24-201652.png]


(25-Mar-2022, 03:24 AM)totodu2001 Wrote: Hi,
First, warm thank fo you your work which has been making my speakers sing for a while now.

Update made with this issue:
[Image: Capture-d-cran-2022-03-24-201652.png]

Think What the, how did that happen? Can you generate a diagnostic file and send it to the support email address? Thanks.
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!

worked fine yesterday 
today after a reboot i  get this error 

REST server is not responding. Reboot computer manually if GUI is not back after 5 reconnect attempts.
Status: Unknown Error (0)
Error Type: HttpErrorResponse
Message: Http failure response for /api/system/user: 0 Unknown Error
Error: [object ProgressEvent]

Retrying connection every 5 seconds. Reconnect attempt: 33.

fixed the problem was Fsck
had to manually Fsck to repair


Glad you got that file boot sorted. Did you power off the computer straight from the power point without a proper shutdown?

Also, do you still have problems starting MPD 0.23.5?
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!


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