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Snakeoil Gear Isolation Alpha Series - Unable to access Web Interface
(20-Apr-2021, 07:10 AM)agent_kith Wrote:
(16-Apr-2021, 08:54 PM)musicnut23 Wrote: Wow - I haven't used team viewer in a long time!  I switched to Anydesk's free version myself.  It was easier to get running on Arch Linux when I was running AP-Linux.

->  Can you remind me if a Teamviewer session can be done without me installing their product on my computer?  I'd be happy to do a remote show & tell so long as the timing works out for us both.
Ideally TeamViewing to your Windows (or Mac) desktop then SSH to the Snakeoil PC. Weekends are usually good as I'm almost always flat out on weekdays unfortunately.. Sorry that I havn't emailed you earlier, will try to do so later today or closer to the end of the week.

No worries at all Wink


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