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Snakeoil ISO File Version 0.1.2

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[UPDATE: 14 Dec 2016]
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This is the second beta release of Snakeoil, codename Ethernet. This release fixed some bugs and issues identified by the early Snakeoil beta-testers. 

If you are new to Linux, check out the relative ease of installing Snakeoil via this short 10 minutes video: Link

Bug fixes
  1. Don’t start deleted ALSA devices.
  2. Fixed > 1 audio output with squeezelite
  3. Better handling of errors, and extending the timeout so that they are not missed
  4. Added CIFS options to support Apple machines
  5. Lots of other little things
Additional features
  1. Use xz compression for installer filesystem, reducing the download by over 100MB!
  2. Shorten the boot timeout from 10 seconds to 3 seconds when you upgrade a new kernel
  3. Increased php upload limit (to allow for bigger firmwares in the future)
  4. mpd-git updated to latest version
  5. New kernel 3.12.5-rt12 for better USB compatibility
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