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Just briefly, i was drawn to Snake oil OS from the SNA forum and had went ahead downloaded the ISO.

I have successfully got it up and running within a couple of hours.  Below is my current CA specs:
MB: Asus N3150i-C
RAM: 8GB in dual channel config
DAC: Luxman DA-200 over usb

Snakeoil is running on a 16GB usb stick and streaming the music off my Synology nas over CAT 5.

My CA rig is new and is still  a work progress.  I was motivated by none other that amazing thread on SNA, more detailed review to come when my system is completed.  But for the time being, i'd like to say thank you for the work that you guys have put in, i believe that you are on to something here.
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I came to Snakeoil OS after couple of years experiments with Windows.
Snakeoil installed relatively easy, having in mind that I don't have knowledge on Linux at all.
Agent quickly responded on my e-mails with stupid questions.
And I should say Snakeoil os with MPD player outperform windows-based setup - sound became fore fast, and now it is almost same as I have from my "reference" CD transport/DAC combo - Metronome T3A/C6 signature. With kind help of Agent I tried HQPlayer desktop, and I should say it is a bit "lazy" comparing with MPD, but with it's long list of filters, it's possible to adjust sound according to listener perception.
This is just beginning, but I'm happy with my first results.
My "Windows" setup based on dual-PC configuration using Windows server 2012, Audiophile Optimizer, HQPlayer.
One PC was working as server having Roonserver with number of running processes less than 20, slightly tweaked using linear power supplies Pachanko  SATA cable.   Audio PC( tweaked to 18 active processes) based on well sounding but not new AsRock OS Formula, with linear power supply, USB out through Sotm txUSBexp. Clock signals provided by 4 outputs clock generator from SOTM, DAC-Lampizator Big7, preamp -Thomas Mayer 10Y, power amp- Jadis SE 845, speakers- Wolf von Langa "Salon". Need to say that I also have not bad vinyl player and corrector, and vinyl is still a step ahead of my digital devices, and R2R -it's just another "universe".
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