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.conf for myMPD: looking for picking up cover.jpg coverart file

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Hi Kith,
I believed standard myMPD pickup folder.jpg as coverart file, the instruction say you can change it to other file name like cover.jpg to suite your library, where can I find the myMPD.conf? Or any way to change this default coverart file name?

Best regards,

This worked for me...Smile makes a copy of the image and renames it. The advantage of having 2 images with different file names is that the storage is still compatible with other players that use cover.jpg.
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What Bromf said. In Update 2 or later I'd add an option for you to specify the filename of the coverart, and also a different Web client (if multiples are installed).
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Guys, thanks for the reply.

I may have to wait for version 2 as I do have file names folder.jpg in some of my own collections where I scan both front and back in one go and named it as folder.jpg....

I can do a copy of existing folder.jpg to other names before copying cover.jpg, but I can wait.

Much appreciated.


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