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display temperature

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Could you display the processor (and motherboard) temperatures ?
(06-Jan-2017, 05:39 AM) Pierre Wrote: Could you display the processor (and motherboard) temperatures ?

Did thought about that when Snakeoil OS is first rolled out. But in the end find very little use for it. The idea is to let the kernel be as streamlined as possible, and sensors is not compiled in... Reason is it's hard to make it generic enough to support all (or most) of the hardware out there, and to support all is not practical as alot of the drivers needed to be compiled in.

To do this it's best that you know how to compile a custom kernel. Once the kernel is supported (and need to install lm_sensors), then I can write something in the web app to check if sensors are there, and if so, display the temps.

Not a high priority right now as honestly I find little use for on board temp sensors. Much better to use FLIR imaging camera (but they are still expensive).
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