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v0.1.3 (pre-release beta testing)

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This is the latest beta for the Snakeoil firmware - 0.1.3-pre-release.  This first post will be updated with every new snapshot (and old ones removed). 
*** Last update: 8 Apr 2016 ***

Changes since 0.1.2a:
  • Many behind the scene changes (updates to javascripts, CSS, PHP, etc)
  • Revamped software tab UI, redesigned and clarify the options for Squeezelite and LMS
  • Make upgrade process a bit more robust
  • Renamed mpd v19.13 to v19.x (People who chose v19.13 as their music player will need to select the v19.x player)
  • Use parted for initialising disks now (Support > 4TB GPT partitions)
  • Added link for web clients for MPD (client175) and LMS (via network discovery)
  • Fixed a bug where a firmware upgrade will wipe out existing MPD databases
  • Fix start/stop issues with mpd-git
  • Shorten the help text
  • Added apple rel links for better looking icons (for iPads and iPhones)
  • Clicking on the Snakeoil logo will now bring you to the snakeoil website
  • You can now remove all mount points in the music tab (Added 5 Apr 2016)
Changes since 6 Apr 2016: (svn revision 68)
  • Re-work web flush for better Safari/IE compatibilitity
  • Better error reporting when player fails to start
  • More updates to software UI
  • Don't mount already mounted partitions (prevent loops)
  • Unmute will go through all sound cards now (instead of just the first)
  • Added AIFF/ALAC support for all MPD players
  • Dropped mac_address (fixed) and generate 20 random MAC for squeezelite. You can now run > 1 Snakeoil machines in your network.

.fw   20160408_snakeoil-0.1.3-pre-release.fw (Size: 17.84 MB / Downloads: 9)

Silly bug introduced in 20160408_snakeoil-0.1.3-pre-release.fw. Please upload web_clients_fix.fw after uploading the 20160408 pre-release. Now your MPD and LMS urls will load up properly now.

.fw   web_clients_fix.fw (Size: 663 bytes / Downloads: 6)
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