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v0.1.5a (Power Cable)

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[Image: bsod.gif]

This is one of those bugs what is hard to trace and hard to find out what's wrong. I guess coz Snakeoil OS is not strictly a pure Ubuntu distro. The custom modifications is gonna do unpredictable things. The silver lining is these MPD issues tells me my music library is 100% trouble/problem free! Baeh

Anyway, found an example of how MPD will crash and I have fixed that. Hopefully this'd also fix all the random problems everybody else is seeing.

Please download this test firmware and play around with it. If MPD develop a problem you should see some additional debug messages in the Software Tab -> Player Status, like the following picture (see the highlighted red box):
[Image: Player_Status_Trouble_Shooting.png]

Cut and paste the error message and post it in this thread. If I don't see anybody reporting problems in 1-2 weeks I'd start spinning a new ISO.


.fw   snakeoil-0.1.5a-i686.fw (Size: 27.92 MB / Downloads: 2)
.fw   snakeoil-0.1.5a-amd64.fw (Size: 29.4 MB / Downloads: 23)

CHANGELOG (Since 0.1.5)
 0000048[web-app] Fix MPD crashing issues (agent_kith)
 0000045[web-app] Display error message when player fails to start (agent_kith)
 0000049[web-app] Remove this "mixer_type none" message from console output (agent_kith)
 0000047[players] Native Apple Lossless not working in LMS/Squeezelite (ISO only) (agent_kith)
 0000046[web-app] Make cyclictest report time in nanoseconds (Reported by [email protected]) (agent_kith)
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
MPD issues please post in the MPD 0.1.5 support thread. Everything else just post in this thread. Thanks
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!

SnakeoilOS Mission

Our mission is to create a free to use computer OS that is easy to install, intuitive to operate and play music that will connect and engage with you emotionally.

SnakeoilOS gives you the freedom to spend more time on listening, enjoying and exploring music. Wasting time on computers is now a thing of the past! Everything is constantly evolving/improving. Please check back often for updates.

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