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Full Version: Command line player announced for Ubuntu.... maybe for Snakeoil too ?
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Spotify, youtube, googlemusic etc
Seriously that looks cool, and is the kind of software I'd actually use myself.
[Image: love.gif]

I'd see if it's possible to work this into the remote control I'm planning for in 1.1.0 (Blind Testing). For now though, I'd see if I can spawn this up and then run a shell in VNC to control.

Prefer to run this over VNC (or even SSH) then doing this on the TTY console on the Snakeoil PC. Running a TTY console consumes a few CPU cycles (not as bad as a mouse cursor but still a potential issue). Hence why everything is run remotely on Snakeoil OS. For this statement to be true, obviously one has to turn off TTY in the Snakeoil menu.