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Full Version: RoonBridge (64 bit only)
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IMPORTANT: This module only works with 64bit of Snakeoil

RoonBridge is software from RoonLabs. From their knowledgebase:
Quote:Roon Bridge is a software package that extends Roon's audio playback capabilities to other devices or computers in your home. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, including inexpensive embedded platforms like the Raspberry Pi. After installing Roon Bridge on a device, any audio hardware attached to that device is made available to your Roon install exactly as if Roon had direct access to to the audio hardware.

RoonBridge will appear in the software player list after you install this module. Please make sure your Snakeoil machine is connected to the Internet when installing this module. [attachment=33]

Follow this walkthrough to install RoonBridge on your Snakeoil machine.
For Some reason Roon Does not see my DAC
[Image: 20240203-201604.jpg]
A reboot fixed it

A reboot fixed it
[font][font]so just an update if squeezelite is on then the error occurs 
so squeezelite needs  to be disabled as it locks the audio output[/font][/font]