Get Mytec Stereo 192 working in Snakeoil
This is a quick walkthrough to get Mytec Stereo 192 USB working in USB 2.0 mode. (NOTE: This is still a work in progress)

Step 0. Power off or disconecct your Mytec Stereo 192.

Instructions in this post are outdated. Please refer to the next post if you are using Snakeoil 1.0.0 and above

Install these two Snakeoil modules - fix kernel upgrade, and mytekusb2.fw.

Step 1. You need to install firmware 0.1.5-pre-release-20161216 or newer.

Step 2. Download the fix kernel upgrade file from this thread. Watch the video to get a quick idea on how to upload the file to your Snakeoil machine. The firmware upgrade looks like this and is available in the System tab. Make sure it report no errors.

[Image: tab_system_firmware.png]

Step 3. Download this module and again upload it to your Snakeoil.[attachment=86]
[Image: tab_system_firmware.png]

Step 4. Download this kernel. Upload it to your Snakeoil machine using the Vmzlinuz Upgrade option in the System tab (shown below). Again make sure there are no errors. [attachment=105]

[Image: kernel_upgrade.png]
Step 5. Scroll down a bit and press the Reboot Machine button. The computer should reboot. Pray and wait. Thanks
[Image: system_reboot.png]
Step 6. Go to the Home tab and verify you are now on the new kernel. You should see 4.4.9-rt17-x64-mytekusb2 in the kernel line. If you see this, well done! Almost there now.
[Image: kernel_version.png]
Step 7. Turn the power on your DAC back on. Go to the hardware tab, hit the refresh button (F5) and verify the Mytec DAC USB 2 is listed. If you still don't see it. Disconnect and re-connect the USB cable, and/or reboot the DAC.

Notes: Step 3 is necessary because I can't host the files here because of copyrights. What this module does is download the driver setup directly from Mytec and extract the 3 firmware files for you. Because the files are hosted on Mytec in time there is a chance this module will no longer work (OTOH maybe it's ok as this DAC is slated to be EOL in Winter 2016). Also I suspect the module in Step 5 will only work if your Mytec firmware is updated to v1.8.3. For other firmware versions refer to this document.

If you have trouble getting the Mytek USB2 device running, try and upload this firmware, then SSH into your snakeoil machine, and run the following (enter your user password when prompted):[attachment=94]

[s]sudo /usr/local/bin/[/s]
The following probably don't do anything, but you can try and see if this helps:

[s]sudo apt-get install alsa-firmware-loaders[/s]
Version 1.0.5
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!

Install Instructions
These instructions are updated for Snakeoil 1.0.0 and above.
  1. Go to this thread and download the Mytek kernel.
  2. Drag the file downloaded in step #1 into the install/upgrade box in the System menu.
  3. Download this file
    .fw   mytekusb2-generic.fw (Size: 72.83 KB / Downloads: 20)
  4. Drag the file downloaded in step #3 into the install/upgrade box in the System menu.
  5. Now click the reboot button.
  6. If it works you should now see the Mytek DAC


.fw   mytekusb2loader-generic.fw (Size: 1.1 KB / Downloads: 13)
You can try and run this script to reload the module if needed. Download and drag this file to the Install/Upgrade window, and once installed, SSH into your Snakeoil OS computer, and run 
sudo /usr/local/bin/
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!


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