64bit snakeoil raspberry pi installer.
(28-Feb-2023, 09:39 PM)criminalzen Wrote:
(28-Feb-2023, 08:50 PM)hkphantomgtr Wrote:
(28-Feb-2023, 08:01 AM)criminalzen Wrote:
(27-Feb-2023, 11:44 AM)Snoopy8 Wrote: If link does not work, use this command for time being
sudo cyclictest -t4 -p 90 -N -s -i 10000 -l 10000 -q

You should be running it several times to get a meaningful picture.  The most important number is the max latency.

After an install of the rt-tests programs I am able to run it from snakeoil  system page. My figures are -

T: 0 ( 1133) P:80 I:10000 C:  10000 Min:  74739 Act:  169273 Avg:  177398 Max: 7955413
T: 1 ( 1134) P:80 I:10500 C:   9525 Min:  58579 Act:  188261 Avg:  186285 Max: 9866748

Wooh.  It's terribly high!!

Let me try some changes.. I think the numbers are because of errors in installing program not kernel..


The BIOS / CMOS setting and hardwares also play a role.

Suggest you run cyclictest with a standard system first.  That will give you a baseline.  Then, within your BIOS, remove all uneccesary settings, unused features etc and rerun cyclictest.

With this foundation, you can then add the RT Kernel, do tweaks like CPUset etc. and rerun cyclictest.

Otherwise, you will be chasing your tail...
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