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This is a quick start guide summarising the steps to download, install and configure Snakeoil OS.

Before We Start

Here are some things you need know:

  • Snakeoil is designed, tested and run on Atom based Mini-ITX motherboards. Other configurations will work but is not tested thoroughly.
  • Only the most popular on-board network cards are supported out of the box. Please refer to this section to install a custom install kernel if your network card is not in this list:
    • Broadcom Tigon3
    • Intel E1000E/E1000
    • Realtek 8169
    • Atheros AR815x/AR816x/AR817x
    • If your network card is not in the list, you might find a install kernel here.
  • Your computer needs to be acquire an IP address from your router (or DHCP server) during the first installation. After Snakeoil OS is installed you can assign a static IP address.

Installation Steps

Follow these steps to install:

  • Download the latest ISO:
Image File Download This If
snakeoil-i686-1.1.0.iso Intel or AMD CPUs (32 bit mode)
snakeoil-x86_64-1.1.0.iso Intel or AMD CPUs (64 bit mode)
nakeoil-armv7l-1.1.0.zip Raspberry Pi 2B/2B+/3B/3B+

Intel/AMD Computers

  • Create the LiveCD (Read this if you havn't done this before)
  • Connect the machine you want to install on a Network. Turn on the machine.
  • If doing remote install - identify the IP address of the computer (or you can try the computer snakeoil) and remotely connect using VNC (Password is Password1)
  • Follow the Ubiquity install wizard to install the OS onto a local storage, remove LiveCD and click the reboot button.
  • Start a web browser from your computer and connect to the machine (e.g. http://new_machine_name_you_provided_earlier/)
  • Go through all the tabs from left to right to configure Snakeoil
  • Copy your files to new_machine_name_you_provided_earlier/music and your playlist to new_machine_name_you_provided_earlier/playlists
  • Start your player remote control app
  • Scan your music library
  • Hit play

Raspberry Pi

Coming soon

Video Walk-through

Here's a video walk-through of the installation process:

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