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#Reboot your Snakeoil PC
#Reboot your Snakeoil PC
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{{ManualNavigation|[[advance-topics|Advanced Topics]]|[[Advance-topics/merging-technologies-ravenna-aes67-support|Merging Technologies - Ravenna/AES67 Support]]}}
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Sometimes problems/bugs in system configuration, the Snakeoil WebApp or RESTful API server may cause firmware updates to fail. Here's a quick way to update your Snakeoil PC to the latest firmware in the hope it'll fix things.


This recovery procedure will only work if you meet the following prerequisites

  • If you are running Snakeoil Blind Testing (v1.1.0) or later
  • SSH or Windows Sharing is enabled

How To Sideload Your Snakeoil PC

The steps are somewhat simple:

  1. Download the latest version of Snakeoil firmware from here.
  2. Note the version of the firmware
  3. Rename the downloaded file to: recover.fw
  4. Transfer this file to your Snakeoil PC's music directory (i.e. Music share folder)
  5. Reboot the PC
  6. Load the Snakeoil WebApp, confirm new version is running

Transferring recover.fw to your Snakeoil PC

There are two ways to transfer the file over, via Windows Sharing or SCP.

Windows Share

This is the easiest method.

  1. Double check that "SMB Windows File Sharing" is turned on if you're using an activated edition.
    Make sure Windows Sharing is checked.
  2. From another PC, copy the recover.fw to the music share folder by following instructions outlined here.
  3. Reboot your Snakeoil PC

Secure Copy (SCP)

Slightly more complicated, but still easy.

  1. Double check the OpenSSH Server is turned on if you're using an activated edition.
    Make sure SSH is checked.
  2. For Windows users, download a SCP client like WinSCP.
  3. Refer to your SCP client's document (e.g. WinSCP Documentation) on how to connect to your Snakeoil PC
  4. Transfer recover.fw to /media/music
  5. Reboot your Snakeoil PC

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