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Now it's time to add music to your Snakeoil computer! There are two ways to play music off Snakeoil:

  1. From another computer (e.g. a NAS)
  2. From files stored on a SSD/HDD inside your Snakeoil computer

Please review the Music Library and verify you have setup the storage correctly. Skip this section and start your music client of choice if you are playing music from a NAS (option 1).

Read on if you need to copy music to your Snakeoil computer for local music playback.


For local music playback you need to setup your Snakeoil as a simple NAS in your home network. From a Windows computer, start Windows Explorer and enter your Snakeoil's machine_name or ip_address in the address text box like so:


You should see two network shares - music and playlists. Copy all your music files to the music share, this is the location where most software players (e.g. MPD, Squeezelite) will look for when searching for music content.

Windows share

Network copying from other systems (e.g. Mac) will be similar.

Copying a large music library over the network will take some time. We recommend doing this copy operation using the high speed wire connection. If you have a very big music library to transfer (> 1 TB),  you can cut down the copying time significantly by removing the HDD/SDD and connect it to your music source computer using a USB 3.0 dock. Once copied you can reinstall the music HDD/SDD back into the Snakeoil machine. The file system types supported by Snakeoil are XFS, EXT4 and NTFS.

If Your Windows Sharing is not working

In mid 2019, Microsoft patches it's Windows Operating Systems to stop SMBv1. Snakeoil ISO 1.1.0 and lower are still using kernels that works with SMBv1 only. If you experience issues, please go to the Kernel sub-forum, and look for a kernel with SMBv2+ support. Follow this instructions on how to modify your boot medium.


Use the M3U format for your playlists as that seems to be the best supported format for the various players provided by Snakeoil. Make sure the music files in your playlist begins with /media/music/.

Copy your playlists to the playlists share folder of your Snakeoil machine and most players should pick it up automatically.

Supported File Formats

The formats differ according to the players. In general Snakeoil OS can play the music files as long as the software player can support the format. For best results, stick to the 3 biggest formats: WAV, FLAC and DSF/DSD.

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