How To Build Your Own Custom Snakeoil Kernel

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This is a good guide to build a RT based kernel: Linky

Expand on this later.

Download kernel source:

  1. Download RT patch
  2. Extract everything on your Snakeoil computer (this is easiest, but can be offloaded to another faster computer in the future)
  3. Apply RT patch
  4. Install all the tools necessary to build a kernel (google for list)
  5. run "make oldmenuconfig"
  6. run "make config" and enable/disable things you like
  7. run "make modules && make bzImage"
  8. run "sudo make modules_install" to install modules
  9. copy bzImage as /boot/vmlinuz-give-this-a-name
  10. update /etc/default/grub to use the new kernel
  11. run "sudo update-grub"
  12. Reboot and pray.

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