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The stock kernel included in every ISO only supports a limited range of computer hardware. This is a deliberate choice because the stock kernel will support > 80% of all computers. Supporting everything risk degrading sound quality. All is not lost if the stock ISO image don't work for your computer hardware. You can re-author (modify) the ISO with a kernel tailored to your machine. This chapter describes the process.

How To Modify USB

  1. Download the ISO, and build it to a USB stick. Follow these instructions to create the USB boot medium.
  2. Go to the forums and download your required custom install kernel. These files have the following naming convention: (where on the build)

  3. Extract the downloaded file to get vmlinuz, like so:
    Extract install kernel
  4. Your USB stick should have the following file structure (note this is for version 1.0.0 and future versions may look slightly different):
    Snakeoil USB Contents
  5. Go into the folder casper (again this is for version 1.0.0 and future versions may look different):
    Casper Folder - Original Contents
  6. Rename the file vmlinuz to vmlinuz.backup:
    Backing up the original vmlinuz kernel image
  7. Copy the file from step 3 into here, like so:
    Add Custom Install Kernel
  8. Safely eject the USB. And you're done.
  9. Now reboot the computer with this USB stick and you're now using a custom kernel specially tailored to your computer

How To Modify ISO

If you are installing Snakeoil OS using CD/DVD, you need to re-author the ISO and then write the modified ISO image to CD/DVD. You'd need a ISO re-authoring tool for this. You can follow this tutorial.

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