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This document is work in progress.

  1. Requires Snakeoil Blind Testing 1.1.3 and above. Update your firmware to the latest version.
  2. Requires activation to access the WebApp features. But it'd still work in the free edition.
  3. Right now this potentially only works on your first Ethernet device (eth0)
  4. Download a Ravenna Kernel from the forums.
  5. Upload this kernel by dropping the file into the install windows in the System menu:
    System - install

  6. Reboot your Snakeoil PC to use the new kernel.
  7. Confirm you are using the Ravenna Kernel by looking at the Snakeoil Dashboard:
    Confirm you're using the custom Ravenna kernel
  8. You will also see a new audio device "Merging RAVENNA" in the player's status panel.
    Players - status ravenna audio

  9. Download the user space client: Butler
  10. Upload module to your Snakeoil PC
  11. Go to the players section. In the Audio State panel, click on the words "Merging Ravenna" to configure the virtual audio device:
    Ravenna configuration

  12. Select any player that allow you to configure the ALSA device.
  13. Select the "MERGING RAVENNA" as your output device.
    Players - selected merging ravenna

  14. Click "Save and Restart Players" button to finish.

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