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Snakeoil OS is based on Linux - in my experience I find Linux audio drivers to have better audio quality than it's Windows counterpart.

Because Snakeoil OS runs on Linux, it can and will support all audio devices that's supported in Linux. This include audio cards all the way back from the beginning of time - e.g. SB16.

However, just because Linux supports all audio devices does not imply we should support all audio devices out of the box. Why build a OS that will support 1000 audio devices when all you need is 1?

For this reason Snakeoil OS stock ISO only supports the more popular audiophile grade audio devices known at the time, and right now they are:

  • Intel High Definition Audio (Azalia)
  • ESI [email protected]
  • Asus Sonar Essense ST or STX
  • Most USB 2.0/3.0 audio device or digital interface (DI)

If you are using an audio device that is not in the list, all you have to do is to apply a custom package that is built specifically for your audio device - e.g. the Mytek.

This step is performed after you have installed Snakeoil OS.

Please refer to the supported equipment thread in the forums for a full list of audio devices that are working so far. Create a thread in the support forums if your DAC is not in the list.

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