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Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 32 bit or 64 bit Intel CPUs (Ryzen?)
  • A bootable USB port, or a CD/DVD ROM drive
  • Wired Networking connecting to a LAN with a DHCP server (usually your Internet router)
    • Atheros/Qualcomm: AR816X, AR817X, AR815X
    • Broadcom: Tigon3
    • Intel - E1000, E1000E
    • Realtek - R8169
  • At least 256 MB of RAM, the more the merrier!
  • Some form of storage for the OS if you want to install it (Be it USB, HDD or SSD)

Recommended Computer Hardware

Recommended hardware requirements would be:

  • During installation, have the computer connected a keyboard and mouse (useful if you need to change the BIOS settings)
  • A high quality linear power supply to power the motherboard (and other peripherals). E.g. the Uptone JS-2.
  • At least 2 GB of system RAM, preferably configured in DDR mode
  • SSD for your OS (quieter and lower power consumption)
  • Machine is connected to a network with WIFI (This is the ideal way for remote control)

Other Requirements

You'd also need the following:

  • A DHCP server running on your network. Snakeoil OS requires a dynamic IP to install. Once installed you can go to the Web App and set a static IP address.
  • Mobile, Tablet or a second computer. Snakeoil is designed to be paired with either a smartphone or a tablet. Getting one is highly recommended, but entirely optional as you can always use your second computer.



There are persistent reports the base ISO will not work on EFI motherboards. We cannot recreate this issue locally because the computer hardware is not modern enough. Here are some suggestions that may get you through the road:

  1. Turn on Compatibility Support Module (CSM). This will enable BIOS emulation, and allow the ISO to boot.
    • This means you cannot multi-boot a secure OS (e.g. MacOS or WIndows10) with Snakeoil.
  2. Boot the ISO as a CD-ROM image

Wifi Network Cards

Wifi dongles/network cards are not supported by the stock kernel at the moment. We are building a custom kernel web portal to facilitate this.

Until then you may want to consider some network infrastructure if you want to connect your PC wirelessly to your home network. Products like:

  1. Wifi Access Point/Bridge
  2. Wiress mesh network. An example of this is the Tenda Nova MW6.

acts as an intermediary points to connect your home network to the more inaccessible parts of your house.

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