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Currently Snakeoil is released in the following flavors:

  • Intel 32 bit  (file name in the format of snakeoil-i686-x.x.x.iso)
  • Intel 64 bit (file name in the format of snakeoil-x86_64-x.x.x.iso)
  • Raspberry Pi 32 bit (filename in the format of snakeoil-armv7l-x.x.x).img

The latest version is always stickied at the top of the ISO section in the forums. Simply download the ISO/IMG image that works best for your computer hardware.

We advise you to upgrade to the latest point series after the installation. You can find the latest firmware here, and the latest version is always stickied. Unlike the ISO, because the firmware files are hosted on site, you'd need to register yourself in order to download the firmware.

Experienced users can refer to the quick start guide. For everybody else, read on.

Intel 32 bit vs 64 bit

In general terms you'd use a 64bit OS when you have more than 4 GB of RAM on your computer. But in truth it doesn't really matter. I have not tested the audio quality of 32 bit versus 64 bit in depth myself but I have heard reports of one edition being better than the other.

So download both, experiment and settle on the edition you prefer.

You can even install both side by side and choose which edition to boot.

Raspberry Pi 32 Bit

The Snakeoil Pi edition is built on Rasbian with the addition of:

  • Snakeoil RESTful server
  • Snakeoil web client
  • Custom audio libraries

This is a working OS, and not a LiveCD.

Download the image file, dump the contents to a microsd card and boot. Because this is the 32 bit edition, it will work with all existing (and potential future) Raspberry Pis.

Pi hardware are standardised, so it is a lot easier to install. If you are pensive with computers, choosing the Pi will you a general idea of what Snakeoil is like. The PC edition may sitll offer better audio quality (This is because Snakeoil is designed and tested on a Intel CPU running on a Jetway NF9C motherboard). Work is underway fo a optimised Pi4 edition so watch this project closely!

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