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Snakeoil OS 1.1.x (Gear Isolation) is one of the best sounding operating system for audiophiles out there. However, the uncompromising sound quality also comes with uncompromising drawbacks!

  • Limited hardware support
  • Customised mainly for the Jetway series of motherboards
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is about to be EOL in April 2021

The next evolution of Snakeoil OS is now de-coupled mostly from the underlying Operating System, and thus addresses all the uncompromsing points above.

Supported Distributions

These are the officially supported, more will be added in the future:

Download the "Server" edition where possible as Snakeoil OS is designed to run headless. Not using a Graphical UI will conserve valuable resources and improve overall responsiveness of your PC.

Steps To Install Snakeoil

Follow these steps to run Snakeoil OS on your PC

Install Your Choice Operating System

Follow the installation guide of your choice OS and install it on your computer. If prompted, install the SSH server.

Note the following details during installation as you will need them later:

  • The IP address of your computer
  • The user login
  • The user password

Install SSH

If you havn't already, install SSH server, for Ubuntu systems, the command is:

apt install -y openssh-server

Download the Snakeoil Installer

Now you need to transfer the Snakeoil Installer to this newly installed computer.

Go to the Snakeoil Forums and look for the latest Snakeoil installer

here are many ways to skin a cat, here are two:

Upload Installer to Music PC

You can transfer the installer to your Snakeoil computer using tools like WinSCP. Folow their guide on how to upload files.

Direct Download To Music PC

From your computer (or via SSH), run the following command, and replace url_of_installer with actual URL.

wget <url_of_installer>

Execute the Snakeoil Installer

The installer will download additional packages from your distro so ensure you have Internet connectivity before running this step. On your Snakeoil computer, go to the directory where you have placed the Snakeoil installer, and execute the installer like so:

sudo ./

Remember to change the installer name accordingly. You should see something like the following:

Running The Snakeoil Installer script.png

Reboot The Computer

You need to reboot the computer if this is your first install.

Access The Snakeoil WebApp

From another computer, start your web browser, and enter the IP address of your Snakeoil computer in the address bar.

Snakeoil WebApp

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