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You'd need to configure the BIOS of your computer appropriately to ensure Snakeoil to work. This section will describe the options needed to boot up the live media. For this configuration, you'd need to connect a monitor and keyboard to your media computer. The wordings and menu layout differs between BIOS, so you have to search through to find the right setting.

Boot up the computer, and look for the message that tells you how to enter the BIOS. Hit the key-combo to enter the BIOS, and you should see a screen that looks like this (YMMV). Look through the BIOS pages (usually under Configuration), and look for any entry that says SATA, e.g.:

AHCI/SATA Configuration

Enable anything that says SATA, and make sure it's in AHCI mode. Next you may see SATA as another sub-menu, move the cursor down to that, and hit ENTER.

Enable Anything SATA

Make sure they are set to enabled, and is in AHCI mode too. Note the picture above where there are no media detected. You need to reboot the computer sometimes for this to take effect. After the reboot, go into the BIOS again and get into the same advanced SATA screen, you should see your storage devices listed here. This is an example from a D2500 board showing all attached storage devices (250 GB SSD attached to SATA port 0).

Bios sata enabled

This is very important. You need to make sure there is at least one attached storage for Snakeoil to install onto. If you get to see the above, move on to the boot menu and make sure you have configured the boot order to allow the USB and or CD-ROM to boot first before your SSD/HDD. Make sure your boot setup looks looks something like this (e.g. for a D2500 motherboard):

Device Boot Sequence

Unfortunately different motherboard will display these screens slightly differently so it will get confusing, the idea is to:

  • enable USB or CD-ROM boot
  • Make sure the BIOS will try and boot the USB/CD-ROM before the HDD/SDD. If everything works correctly, you should see your LiveCD media listed in the boot list.

Once the above is done, booting should work. Refer to the NF9C example of how to configure the BIOS in advanced topics.

PS: It is also possible to override the default boot settings by hitting the F11 key repeatedly when you first turn on the computer until you see a boot menu. Try that if you can't find the boot options in the BIOS.

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