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Agent Kith


I am Ng Theng Kiat - software engineer, audiophile, music lover. In the Snakeoil forums I'm known as Agent Kith. This is a re-arrangement (anagram) of my first name.

Anagram(Theng Kiat) => Agent Kith

This is a little background about myself.

I am a hands on software engineer with multiple tertiary computing degrees. My highest qualification is a Masters in Computer Science. This education give me an acute knowledge of both computer hardware and software.

My computing experience spans computer science, software engineering, data structures, algorithms, visualisation, RDBMS, project management, technical writing, report generation, web development, infrastructure planning, systems/network administration, and more.

Much much more.

This unique collection of skills makes me an ideal candidate for any multi-platform or mixed systems work. And this includes Snakeoil OS!

With nearly 20 years of C/C++ experience, I have developed numerous responsive GUI applications that manipulate, visualise and analyse large datasets (raw binary files, databases, NetCDF files, etc). C++ frameworks used includes QT, Fox toolkit, Standard Template Library (STL) and GNU Scientific Library (GSL). Other languages in my repertoire are Java (J2SE/J2EE), Python, JavaScript and shell scripts. Highly adaptable, I have the ability to pick up new programming languages and development methodologies in days.

Well written software needs to be backed by a first class user interface. I am highly successful in soliciting user requirements and translate them into a intuitive and friendly user interface. My software are well received for striking a balance between usability and functionality.

Music, computers and my family shaped my life, and this is where I end up today.

Today I am using everything in my repertoire, putting everything I know about music, computers, user interfaces, and the beautiful human mind to give you - Snakeoil OS. The ultimate audiophile operating system that's designed by us, defined by you.

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