Music Player Daemon (MPD) 0.17

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This is a very old version of MPD, dated circa early 2011. MPD was the first player we tried, and it simply blew us away!

This combination left Windows and Foobar completely dead in it's tracks. This was the beginning of the journey down a rabit hole.


Bundled in the ISO until 1.1.0 (Blind Testing) and firmware until 1.1.6 (Blind Testing U6).

This player will be kept when you upgrade. But future editions of Snakeoil will no longer include this player.

How To Install

Download MPD 0.17 from here, and install it in the Systems page.

How To Uninstall

Activated edition

Go to the Snakeoil page, and untick MPD v0.17 from the software list. This merely removes the player from the players list, so you can re-enable it anytime by re-checking the box.

Free Edition

SSH into the Snakeoil PC, and manually execute the following command:

sudo rm -rf rm /var/www/players/mpd-v17

This will permanently remove the player from your OS. To re-enable this player you'll need to re-download the MPD v0.17 module and re-install.

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