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!icon.png Work in progress

Upmpdcli takes the MPD music player and adds music file management plus streaming services (e.g. Tidal, Qobuz). It provides a wrapper around MPD to make it a UPnP renderer and thus can be used in an UPNP setup. Requires an UPnP Server (e.g. MinimServer running on a NAS) and a UPnP controller app (e.g. BubbleUPnP on Android, mConnect on iOS).

It can be installed as a music server in SnakeOil and thus work only as a renderer end point. Another option is install MinimServer as the music server and upmpdcli as the music player to provide an all-in-one solution.

Configuration File


This file is the base file used to run your instance. Put any of your customisations in there.

TODO: Your changes will disappear after a firmware update. So need to develop a workaround on this.

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