X Multimedia System (XMMS)

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!icon.png Still A Work In Progress

Short for X MultiMedia System. XMMS really needs no introduction for people who grew up listening to computer audio with WinAmp. People who used WinAmp before will have no trouble with XMMS.

XMMS Playing Inside a VNC Session

This player is included in Snakeoil because libFLAC includes a reference FLAC decoder for it, and this player to me sounds pretty good. For 16 bit FLAC material anyway.

This is really an old player now and don't work with 24 bit FLAC! Use this player as the reference player to get an idea what FLAC should be.

XMMS is a graphical player and will be loaded in a virtual desktop. You can view this virtual desktop with a VNC client (the same way if you did the install). Refer to the VNC section of the Logging In article if you havn't done this before. Your VNC session will look like this:

XMMS - Adding tracks to a playlist

Read the XMMS user manual on how to use this classic piece of software. Please be aware this player don't support DFF/DSF, or > 16 bit music.

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