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Snakeoil Firmware - 1.2.5 (Gear Isolation U5)
Been a weird few months. This contract extension now moved me to a different team, with more meetings after 5pm. This plus the onset of winter means I'm unable to wake up at 5am in the morning now. Unfortunately this change of pace makes Snakeoil development somewhat difficult. But I'm sure i'll adjust over time.

Originally there wasn't going to be an extension. In anticipation of that, I have decided to clean out an unused room packed full with 10+ years of unused stuffs. Clearing out the items is a monumental effort (still unfinished). At least now I have half the room where I have a home office. I'm hearing scurrying sounds up in the roof space as I am typing this post. I think there're rats up there. So next weekend it looks like I'll be busy trying to sort that out.

This second six month extension is very important to me. I feel I did not make enough of a contribution in my first six months on the job. There was a big learning curve and setup process and it's difficult to perform to my usual standards. This is redemption for me. Big Grin

Slowly I'm getting back into the grove of Snakeoil development. And today mark the first full day of Snakeoil coding, something that havn't happen in a while. I'm not lying, my new office setup is fantastic! No idea why people gave such bad reviews to these IKEA furniture (Uppspel and Groupspel), they're great. I'm thinking of replacing the wheels on the chair to roller-blade type wheels. 

On a general node. Snakeoil will stop using Patreon soon. It's charging me $5 a month, which isn't practical seeing there's only 7 patrons for the project. Paypal will be the only method for donation in the short term.

Note: I'm not back in full Snakeoil development mode yet. Moving stuffs out of the room just means there's junk in other parts of the house. Over the next few weekends I'll be making trips to dispose of things I don't need, and give/sell the others.

But today, there's a baby step forward. Hopefully I havn't missed anything, any questions, ask below.

Download Links
.fw   snakeoil-armv7l-1.2.5.fw (Size: 52.4 MB / Downloads: 49)
(SHA1: b07f2ccf33b8672334e76e960838a1d6c4d57438)
.fw   snakeoil-x86_64-1.2.5.fw (Size: 55.47 MB / Downloads: 132)
(SHA1: ce5dee1c563c0c08a900f3b7dd48e64393fc00c3)

Change Log
Snakeoil Operating System - Music, your way!
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Thanks for your contribution, AK.  You're GREAT!!  [Image: good_job.gif]


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