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Full Version: Raspberry Pi 4
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First up, I'm getting an awesome sound from Snakeoil 1.1.10 on my Raspberry Pi4-based machine using MPD v20. Thanks for that AK  Thumbs Up

It sounds much better than Volumio on the same machine so I'm hoping you continue to advance the Snakeoil on Pi4 project now that your horror day job is behind you.  Wink

I installed iso Buster 20200206 and then upgraded to FW snakeoil-1.1.10-armv7l.fw. The 2 problems I encountered and the way I fixed them are as follows:

1. LMS would not run
PID running but no remote control.
I uninstalled then re-installed LMS by following this thread;  No joy but then I repeated same but using LMS 9.3 ARM version and that fixed the problem.

2. Could not install upmpdcli. Failure message mentioned "Public Key" amongst other things.
I fixed this my somehow adding the appropriate public key via SSH.